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“I’ve been for a little over 4 years. My first venture into the blogging scene was with a Blogger blog dedicated to “making money online.” Bitcoin price shows a clean bounce off a stable support level that paused its retracement and restarted its 2023 bull rally. While the recovery was impressive, it faced massive selling pressure as it approached the 200-day Simple Moving Average . Regardless, the big crypto’s position looks strong and optimistic as it consolidates.

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Leverate delivers innovative solutions enabling Forex brokers and financial institutions to increase conversions, minimize risk and reach new markets. A stand-alone independent advisory service that integrates all global financial markets & the macroeconomic trends that make them tick. Articles cover Central Bank Watch, Currency Markets in News, Foreign Exchange Insights, Bonds, and Stocks. Authored by Larry Greenberg, an international economist & currency market analyst. Welcome to my private blog and exclusive Forex community I develop here.

Earnforex.comA very popular online forex resource, Earn Forex features a great deal of learning resources, informative blogs and FX broker reviews. Advanced and beginner traders can benefit from this site as they learn the different trading tools it offers, from money management to technical analysis and more. It provides ebooks covering various topics on getting started, forex strategy, trading psychology and a lot more. The blog posts and articles it features are related to forex topics that include outlooks on certain currency pairs and market analysis. If you want an overview of various currency trading brokers, Earn Forex provides reviews and more information on each broker so you can make your best choice. Fxstreet.comWhen it comes to providing quality forex information and news, FXStreet is one of the leading currency trading portals.

Week Ahead in FX (Feb. 20 – : More Interest Rate and Global Growth Speculations

Through the trial and error, Johan developed a simple strategy that can help you in your daily trading. On their website, you can find plenty of free blog posts and live webinars as well. FalconFX is a very strong community of traders from all over the world. Mark is also bringing his teachings to the offline events which gain a lot of popularity over the past few months. Same as his YouTube channel, his blog is full of valuable and educational content covering different Trading strategies and approaches. Our trading blog list is a good place to start boosting your trading IQ.

LiteFinance analysts discuss the future of BTC, look into expert price… Are you ready to stop toying around and start making a serious attempt at trading profitably? Exiting trades too early is something many of you struggle with on a regular basis. Many beginning traders believe something along the lines of “Once I become a successful trader, then I will be ”.

  • Although the market still believed that the Fed would be forced to cut rates at some point in the near future, there was considerable satisfaction that monetary policy was starting to level off.
  • also has a forum where users can ask questions and share ideas about forex trading.
  • Global-view.comThis website includes many different forums for information about trading and global currency news.
  • I’ve started trading for real recently, before I just wrote the blog so expect more from me this year and in future..

50pipsfx.comThis website most and daily market commentaries. There is some information you can learn from each of these commentaries and they seem to be updated on a regular basis. is one website for traders with the desire to be on board and have the predictions of what is about to happen in the market. They use various systems to identify possible profitable forex robots every day, it is a recommended website before you sit in front of those charts to trade since you get to learn tips of how to do it right. Futures, foreign currency and options trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor.

Trading the news requires access to extensive market research – and that’s what we do best.

The world offorex tradingmoves quickly and is full of thrills and the potential for huge financial success. Taking the time to educate yourself and learn about forex trading before you get started will help you make the most of your time spent trading. Engulfingcandle.comThis is a weekly blog where the author who shares every Friday the most recent things around him in the Forex scene that he deems best for any FX trader.

If you want to keep this relevant and fresh you should include my podcast which is a great resource for newbie traders. We generally have a daily analysis market wrap blog and also one for other stories and ideas of interest. This list is about Forex blogs and I did not saw a blog from FPA.

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He shares his lessons around his trading strategies and his journey towards his successful personal trading goals. It has a simple interface and has only 3 landing pages, making it a good blog to follow more so for beginners. Thegeekknows.comThis website is another information portal which gives regular market forecasts and articles about the currency pairs and their current levels. There is a trading system offered called The Koala System which can be reviewed on the site. There is some information about current market analysis, but not that much compared with other sites here on this list.

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We also hope these trading blogs will shape your trading in unheard ways. When reading ZeroHedge make sure you take everything with a grain of salt rather than believing the world is going to end. We’ve decided to include ZeroHedge into our favorite trading blog list because it has a huge following in the trading community. His trading tips and tricks have been very constructive over time, so make sure you add this blog in your favorite trading blogs.

Barry Ritholtz is a well-known figure in the trading community not just because he is a guest commentator on Bloomberg TV, but also because he runs a personal blog at The Big Picture. Berry’s blog is filled with new content multiple times a day, and there is always something very insightful to read. If you want to read real content from the institutional side of the business, Berry’s blog is the place to be. What makes so interesting following our TSG blog is that our dedicated team is always easy to be reached and we’re eager to hear from our reader base. Get your favorite bookmarks ready and add Trading Strategy Guides for your daily infusion of amazing trading strategies.

Market In Review 16/2022

If you enjoy reading about the forex market and what moves the currency values in general then you will enjoy this site. Global-view.comThis website includes many different forums for information about trading and global currency news. There is a learning center which can teach you some of the fundamentals about Forex trading. There is also information about different brokerage firms including reviews on some of the major ones. about this massively huge financial market where fiat currencies are traded. Crypto Heat Map A visual tool showing price action of cryptos across multiple timeframes. If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, our online crypto course introduces beginners to the crypto market. Learn how to trade forex in a fun and easy-to-understand format. Learn how to figure out if a trading strategy is profitable and how profitable. Find out how to explore it and use it to become a complete trader.

Given that situation, it appears that many members are adjusting their positions following the data. Even noted doves such as Kashkari are talking about the problems in the labor market. The jobs market was absent from the conversation in the previous months, as the Fed was pulling out all the stops to deal with inflation. Now that CPI appears to be retreating, attention is now focusing back on the labor situation. This taxation system is less complicated than section 1256 and simply means that all capital gains and losses are treated as ordinary taxable income. Also, unlike section 1256, which has a cap of the first $3000 to use as ordinary losses, section 988 allows you to count all losses and offset them against your income.

The updates to the site with the current analysis are rather regular and multiple pairs are covered each day include S&P 500 as well as Gold and other commodities and indexes. 2traderspodcast.comThis is an amazing website by two brilliant minds of Walter Peters and Darren Littlewood give an in depth analysis of the Forex markets through podcasts available on the website. With over 83 episodes, available on the website as well as iTunes, stitcher and SoundCloud, any FX trader could easily access these podcasts. Topics include trading systems, news, trading theories just to name a few. Tradingnrg.comSince 2010, trading NRG started its blogging and majorly deals with energy commodities as its major items of trade such as crude oil and natural gas and sometimes precious metals like gold and silver. It delivers and analyses news on a daily basis as well as a weekly forecast on the energy commodities.

Baby Pips is a great Forex website because they put out educational material and their vibrant personalities make reading blogs enjoyable. They are also on point with their analysis, as well as covering a wide range of information from news, to technical analysis, to fundamental data. Baby Pips is a great source for Forex traders to learn and become profitable. Joseph Burns posts educational articles on his trading blog on a daily basis.

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